Venture Capital Career: Why is it so Exciting?

Are you seeking a career change or maybe you are a new graduate interested in an exciting financial career and not just a “Financial Analyst”, then Venture Capital is certain worth consideration.

In 2018, we started our research into career prospects for the venture capital industry worldwide. We also interviewed over 500 venture capital firms in order to understand the insights of venture capital industries.

I had worked as a venture capital fund manager for over 4 years based in Canada, Australia, US and Asia; it was a very interesting time for me. For me, it was a good foundation for me to pursue into my own ventures.

Life as a Venture Capitalist

Based on my own experiences, the most exciting elements as a professional in the venture capital industry are:

  • Networks: You have opportunities to meet with people from all kinds of industries and also from different parts of the world.
  • Analytical: You have to be analytical, as each opportunity is different and completely unique from another ‘” not just financially, but industry wide, marketing, business sense and innovative.
  • You never get bored: You never get bored, just when you think you understand everything in an industry, another deal will come along, and you will need to start your research process again.
  • It’s a big world out there: you get good chance in reviewing deals in international markets, when I was the fund manager, I had reviewed deals as far as Liberia (which I had declined), many from China, many from Latin America, and also Eastern European markets.
  • Fact finding process for yourself: I think the biggest benefit from my career as an analyst was finding out what sectors and industries I am interested in the most, this has helped me in terms of setting up my own business.
  • Management Styles and Management Mistakes: As an analyst with VCs, you would spend a large amount of time with the management team of the potential or investee companies, you can observe different management styles and. By doing so, you can also improve your own management style if you do set up a venture yourself eventually.

While financial analytical skills is important, industry-related knowledge and passion to learn new trends and technologies are the most important personal assets you should have if you want to work in the venture capital industry. Ability to identify business opportunities for portfolio companies is another key skill to possess ‘” as an investment manager, you will also be involved in the building up these companies as well.

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