Venture Capital Firm Making Big Steps in Asian Country

No one ever said that handling a venture capital firm would be easy. In fact, this requires a lot of thinking as owning a private equity firm means that you need to be able to make wise and proper decisions. As the private equity firm owner, it is your job to know whether or not you are going to use your money to invest in a startup firm or not. You also need to be good at analyzing businesses, their potential, the environment the startup firm is in and other factors. These factors are important in making a decision as they are needed to know how to balance the pros and the cons of investing their company or buying the company.

If you have a private equity firm and you’re planning to expand your scope and reach to other areas like a new country, it would be understandable if you find it quite daring and terrifying. After all, a new country would mean different people with different customs, traditions, culture, and spending habits. What you know about how to decide with startup firms in a certain country will not always be applicable to another one. This is especially true if you are a Western or American venture capital planning to expand to Asia. Asia has vastly different cultures both traditionally and in business. This would require you to adjust a lot. And that means having to take a lot of risks again when making decisions.

This is why a lot of venture capital firms do not really expand until they have felt like they have already made steady footing in their original area. For others, they don’t even plan to expand to countries with vastly different cultures and customs.

However, 500 Startups is different. 500 startups have always targeted expanding into the world and globally. Their mission is to find the talented entrepreneurs globally and support and back them and their companies up into becoming successful at scale. This then would be able to develop flourishing global ecosystems. The thing with 500 Startups is that they are and continue to be one of the most active venture capital firms globally despite being in seed stage.

They were first started in the Silicon Valley and ever since then, they have now invested in more than 2,000 companies. This is thanks to their global funds and microfunds that are dedicated to certain geographic markets. They also have more than 100 members in their team scattered all over the world, making it easier to reach and invest in companies worldwide and expanding their reach to more than 60 countries. 500 Startups is not the first or the last venture capital to target the market globally immediately. However, the way their reach is spread out makes their operations impressive. The situation of 500 Startups also seem to be looking up as they set their sights on Vietnam. Vietnam is said to be one of countries in Southeast Asia that is showing no signs of stopping its growth especially with its tech ecosystems and the internet economy.

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